Liquid Sunshine

My father lives in Alabama (why is still a mystery to me) and has a few fruit trees in his yard. This year his Myer lemon tree was filled with lovely lemons. My father in his typical way calls me and this is how the conversation goes.

father: “Hi how are you?”

me: “I’m good, how are you dad?”

father: “I sent you 50 lemons, the fedex guy was a real &**%$#% so I had to use USPS.”

me:”ummm did you say lemons?”

father: “Yes, about 50 of them. they should be there this week.”

me: “ok dad.”

This is the typical strange conversations with my father, with no prompting just blurt out some info and moves on. I think the next line was I’m sending you a check for Christmas and then a lot of listening to him and my step mom talk to each other about how the money is to be divided up between the kids.

The lemons arrived today and I kid you not each lemon is lovingly wrapped in newspaper and nestled into the box. They are beautiful fresh lemons from the tree, no wax on them or chemicals. There are heavy with juice and I can tell a thin skin.

What will you do with 50 lemons you ask. Right now I’m going to juice some and make lemonade for the boys. Winer is slipping in here and fresh lemonade may keep it at bay for the evening. The rest who knows. I plan to zest a dozen and freeze the zest and juice for later. Or maybe freeze them whole? The possibilities are endless.

Look at these bis ass lemons

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I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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4 Responses to Liquid Sunshine

  1. Jen says:

    A whole box of lemons? I’m so envious. I absolutely love lemons but I only get the waxy, shipped from who knows where kind from the grocery store.

    I’ve never heard of freezing lemons before. Does it really work? I’ve got a small sack in the fridge that will only last for a few more days- maybe I should put them in the freezer.

    • queenofone says:

      I had thought I had read or seen where someone had frozen their lemons and limes whole. I did a bit a research and it seems you can freeze them whole, but then they will only be suitable for juicing or pureed. I will likely zest them before freezing whole and freeze the zest separate. As I imagine the defrosted fruit will be a bit mushy and hard to zest. Lets face it I’m a lazy chef-lol

  2. Benjamin says:

    Preserved lemons!

    Lemon Marmalade!

    Lemon Oregano Jam!

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