Fall Flourish Dinner with the Reluctant Vegetarian


Iccha with her book and the evenings delights



I met Iccha through C from the Cave. How I miss cooking at the cave but that is for other posts. my friend the cave host, would mention often that me and Miss Iccha needed to get together for some food love. How right she was. Iccha is The Reluctant Vegetarian, she hold seasonal limited dinners, that are multiple courses and as you can guess vegetarian. Her fall series was Friday November 12th and she was in need of help. I dropped her line and let her know I happened to be free and could help as long as I could photograph some food and blog about it. As the stars aligned, seems she didn’t have a photographer so I was enlisted to do the job.

The dinners are held in Hyde park in a Gothic old church type building.  I arrived before the guests and was greeted at the door by Erika of A Social Life, she was polished, beautiful and professional yet warm in her greeting. I explained I was the photographer for the evening and was given a tour of the dining room and kitchen. Erika had me take photos of the dining room before guests arrived.

I was impressed by Erika’s demeanor and take charge attitude. She reminded me of some of the better event coordinators Ive employed over the years. While waiting for the show to start I was briefed on the timing of the courses and the menu.  I met the rest of the service staff and kitchen helpers. One of the kitchen staff was Lulu, who was bristling with a vibrant energy. It turns out she is the creator of Hip Quakes at the House of Conscious. Hip Quakes offers daily classes in belly dancing, hula hoop and other fun creative ways to exercise, using dance and movement.

Both Erika and Lulu are sponsors of the dinner series. The give their time and energy to promote something they believe in and someone who they believe in, being Iccha. It’s impossible not to feel the love and amazing energy when in the kitchen. Even thought they are working hard and discussing course timing, the music is going  and along with  the laughter and impromptu dances made me realize that the guests are missing the best part of the evening.

I am a foodie and professional chef from way back and was impressed by the dishes that Iccha had put together. The dinner was for 20 people and it seemed they all greatly enjoyed the food, ambiance and service.I do suggest that if you love good food, try to attend a dinner at some point. I have been invited back to help at the next one on December 17th and am looking forward to basking in the love that Iccha projects onto every person who is a part of her experience. The Reluctant Vegetation can be found on facebook as well and where you can get invited to the dinners as the dates are announced.

Iccha is very flexible and prepared special items for the 4 vegans who were in attendance. If you have dietary restrictions please let her know and I am sure she will make allowances for you.


a visual menu



The menu was as follows:

amuse bouche

Vegetarian Crab Cake with fresh lemon spritz


Melange of curry roasted fall vegetables with a cilantro polenta based broth


Field greens dressed with a fall glow orange vinaigrette and fresh pomegranate,

adorned with a taste of Iccha macaroni and cheese


Tower of roasted acorn squash,  wild rice stuffing, vegetarian sausage and topped with

a crisp slaw of cranberries and braised celery


Myer Lemon Granita


trio of goat cheese:

plain, herb and garlic

cranberry studded Stilton

duo of locally produced cheddar of:

garlic and pepper-basil

served with dried figs, dates, pineapple, fresh ruby grapefruit and pomegranate seeds


A trio of sweet treats:

Cayenne infused Mexican hot chocolate

almond studded caramel corn

Rich brownie bite

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About queenofone

I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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6 Responses to Fall Flourish Dinner with the Reluctant Vegetarian

  1. LuuLuu says:

    Hey Momma,
    Thank you for the love. It was a great evening and I am so glad to have met my Aries sister. I just need a pan of mac and cheese and I will be happy. Check my blogs on wordpress. Love you.


  2. Sandria says:

    Great review and photos! I will make it my business to be at the next gathering on December 17!

  3. Cheryl Sterling says:

    Damn I’m missing all the fun, but I don’t miss the weather. I’m looking forward to acquiring my next cave so I can start cooking again.

  4. bet365 says:

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    your topic is outstanding
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