Im a frayed knot

I haven’t shared much knitting recently and that’s because I’m working on a few large, labor intensive projects. One is a cashmere scarf that is an illusion scarf and requires intensive chart reading and lots of stitches on smaller needles. The other is a gift sweater that is 50% complete.

The 2 color hat I had made for my son in school colors created some hat envy. One of his buds asked if I could make them one and in exchange he would bake me a pie…It is a rarity that someone else cooks for me. My weakness is treats made by others and the best way to get items in exchange. I of course cannot make the same hat so came up with a similar one but different. I made it last night and finished off the ear flaps, pompom and edging today. This hat #5 in the man hat series and I call it: Mr. Roboto Hat

Mr. Roboto Hat Pattern

I went with a robot chart for the inlay and then did my own hat  using US 7 circular needles and/or DPNs

CO in main color 70 sts

5 rows of k2,P2 ribbing

5 rows Knit

start robot chart, will do 5 -14 row sections. There are 4 robots so I repeated the more stoic looking one. I used markers every 14 rows, easier for me when chart reading.

I just did the main color at row 18 as didn’t want the little top dot.

Row 19 i began decrease. use your preferred and switch to DPN once needed.

my decrease was:

row 19: each 14 sts section: ssk, k10, k2tog

row 20: each 14sts: k5,ssk,k5

row 21:knit

I repeated this until on dpn and then decreased quicker.

ear flaps: CO 15 sts, long tail for sewing on to hat

do 8 rows knit

row 9: ssk,k11, k2tog

row10: knit

row11: ssk,k9,k2tog

row 12: knit

row 13: ssk,k7,k2tog

repeat first ssk then knit to last 2 and then k2tog until 3 stitches then sk2psso, pull through and finish off

to make a pom pom

About queenofone

I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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