Vancouver on a Friday

It’s cold, wet and dreary here.Friday was over cast and mid 30’s.Funny it’s cooler here than Chicago, but that did not stop me and T, venturing out for an 8 hour trek. Wasn’t planned that way. I’m an early riser on any day so when on holiday I usually end up dressed and ready before anyone else. I woke up before dawn Friday and headed out for coffee. I wondered around for a bit and brought back some decent coffee from a local chain called Blenz. Took a while to roust my partner in crime but finally he was ready to head out around 11am.  It was the promise of culinary delights that got him ready. I knew about .5 mile from us was a food truck I wanted to go to and the promise of smocked sockeye was a tough lure to ignore. The Kaboom Box did not disappoint, i had a venison burger with maple mustard, greens and fries (no bun) and T had the sockeye salad with candied almonds, cranberries etc. I will be doing a separate post about the food truck.

Now that we has sustenance and were out we headed towards the water front. Once we got our walking stride we let our feet take us all over the city. We hit the waterfront, headed to the gas lamp section, there we took in some galleries and at Spirit Wrestler, I fell in love with a bit of sculpture…if I only had a spare $2800 in my pocket,  cruised through there swung back up Hastings past the head shops and neat little cafes.Stopped off for a coffee and a warm up and then headed towards Chinatown. We did all of Chinatown which I loved. If I had a kitchen at my disposal I would be cooking all weekend. The markets in Chinatown reminded me so much of Thailand. While in Chinatown we went to Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The house and garden were lovely and the garden next to it through the Chinese cultural center was lovely as well.

I managed to get us into some questionable area looking for a restaurant I had read about so we decided to make the long trek back to the other side of the peninsula. Yale town was a nice stroll except it started raining more than it had been so when we stopped at The Edge social grille we were wet and tired and not really dressed appropriately. Regardless we were greeted with a warm smile given a quiet table in the dining room that hadn’t open yet and had one hell of a great experience. We started with local mussels in a garlic scented sauce with a touch of cream and tomato. It came with hot house made bread and were the best mussels I can recall having in a long time. They come off an island about 3 hrs away by ferry and were petite, creamy and yummy. With the mussels we decided to try some local micro brews. I had Grandville Island winter ale, which had vanilla and honey on the nose with date and figs notes. The first sip blew me away it was like caramel sauce and cream soda mixed with beer. It was sweet but had a clean finish. T had the Red Truck Ale, it was clean and crisp and I could drink this all afternoon while one of the winter ale and it was tome for me to move to wine. I went local again with a Bordeaux blend from Summerhill winery, it was an excellent compliment to the local red snapper I had over potato puree, with house-made chorizo and an olive and pistachio tapenade. T’s dindin was rocking as well he had the organic free-range buttermilk fried chicken with greens and mac n cheese. The chicken was amazing..I mean freakin amazing. cooked perfectly crisp and juicy…I can still savor the taste I had.

Thats my first day here and my impressions are:

-Vancouver is a great foodie town

-Between the easy walking routes and public transit you wouldn’t need a car.

-Ill be honest the people are pretty reserved but once you put out the smile and start chatting them up the chill and are real friendly.

-Casual dress seems to be the norm so far.

-Public art is plenty and interesting

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About queenofone

I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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