Pimps Corner: The Kaboom Box

Normally I save Pimp’s Corner for local businesses. I felt with the current issues in Chicago with food truck  licensing that The Kaboom Box was appropriate. I like to travel and street food is an important part of enjoying my travels. I like to wander and roam when I am somewhere new and having a quick affordable local snack at my disposal is ideal. I have met great people at communal tables in the streets of Thailand munching noodles and even yesterday on the streets of Vancouver were I chatted with a gentleman from Egypt. He shared his found memories of the street vendors of Egypt, watching them squat over a small hibachi searing up marinated goat etc and serving the hot and crispy meat in wax paper or on a stick.

I had looked up food trucks in Vancouver and had come across The Kaboom Box. It is cold wet and windy here and the idea of eating outside on the street may not appeal to some but when I learn smoked sock eye and venison burgers are on the menu, I bundle up and head out.

It was a 5 block stroll to the intersection and at first I wasn’t sure it was there, but then I spotted the red truck on the sidewalk and headed over. The menu consisted of a “salmich” of smokes sock eye salmon, venison burger, veggie burger, smoked sockeye salad and fish and chips. I ordered the venison burger (no bun) with a maple mustard over greens with fries and T had the smokes sockeye salad with cranberries candied almonds,greens and a vinaigrette.

The venison patty was flavorful and still moist with a nice char, it was perfectly complimented by the house make maple mustard drizzle. The greens provided a nice palate cleaner. The fries were hot and crispy with sea salt and I added a dash of malt vinegar. yummm. The smoked sockeye was very good and went well with the salad. It was very affordable considering the ingredients, total cost was $16 Canadian.

I chatted with the owner (whose name I failed to catch).  They use organic, local and sustainable ingredients. They cook everything on the truck including smoking the sockeye. I found it interesting that they are not based out of a retail location, they just use a commissary for basic cold prep, storage and to keep the truck. It had launched in November 2010 and just a few weeks ago they had changed the name to The Kaboom Box.

This is definitely the type of street food I hope to see in Chicago in the near future. We are inundated with corporate fast food options and to have the choice to support a small business who is focusing on local sustainability is just what is needed.

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I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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  1. Street food la says:

    Street food is all about food on the street, but never actually having the food touch the street.

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