3 weeks!!! 21 days….

It’s been 3 weeks and I feel strong about what Im doing. I have no deadline or weight goal. I’m just going to go with it hopefully until Labor day. I havent really envisioned what my daily diet will be after that but pretty sure I may juice in the am instead of coffee maybe even mid day when I like it. Cold weather will be more of a challenge but we will see.

This will be my last daily post as canning season is here and I rather post lovely pics of yummy food than talk about juice. I will be doing weekly snapshots of my progress and am nervous as I am going camping next thurs-sun and ummm well taking the juicer is a no.

morning weigh in: I am down .8lb almost to a total of 11lbs down. Guess i was at a plateau and am dropping some again.


16oz warm water with lemon

16oz carrot, pineapple, ginger

16oz: kale, chard, zucchini, cucumber, pineapple

sauteed mushroom and zucchini and a veggie burger

blue moon beer and half a pretzel at Chicago fire game

have a date tonight so I know we are going to dinner am hoping to steer them to thai food. then its off to a Chicago Fire game!

water, water, water

About queenofone

I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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