week 5/6 and a look at where to go from here

Alrighty so its almost the end of week 6 and I am finally returned to juicing last week. I really missed it! I went nearly a week with 2 juices and I feel a difference. Juicing even 1-2 a day I felt lighter, My appetite felt regulated and just plain felt better.

While I was sure there was a benefit to juicing  I wasn’t sure how I felt about the fad-like cult feeling of juicers. Considering a friend is doing as well and has had the same observations…there must be something to it.

To recap: I started nearly 6 weeks ago with a 6 day all juice cleanse. I avoided all caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes etc. just me water and a whole lot of veggies and some fruit. I did my research and made sure I drank a lot of water, took it easy during my fast so from afternoon of day one until day 4 I was off of work and kept my days open. napped everyday and just tried to be relaxed. First day was bleh, headaches, fatigue etc. But by day 2 was fine and keeping it easy with light workout etc was never “hungry”. On the average drinking 5-16 oz juices a day gives 1000-1200 calories. Plenty to live on.

The fiber debate….I heard this a lot from people about how they like fiber and its bad not to have fiber. It was 6 days…How many junk food people go 6 days on processed no veg food? Basically when you are doing juice only…..(i apologize for the ewww talk here) you are not “digesting” the juice.It is directly absorbed from your stomach lining. So an pretty quick hit of nutrients. Over the juice fast period your colon will clean house. One of the factors that attributes to a vary fast weight loss. We are carry anywhere between 5-25lbs of waste around with us….so you clean out that system and of course the scale looks great. Me personally already ate a pretty clean diet so by the 3rd day I was not having anymore activity in that area and didn’t again until 1-2 days after staring to eat solids. The key is to eat a fiber/veggie forward diet when you return to solid foods and follow all the advise of how to ease back into eating. Do not grab a cheeseburger…start with raw veggies

The protein debate: The second most common comment I had,I couldn’t go that long with out protein. Again its short term and if vegetarians get the protein they need you will to. Kale averages 3-5grams a protein a serving. You juicing it you getting protein and well if you are using broccoli, spinach and most of the dark leafy greens. I do want to clarify you must listen to your body. From my past history and being a believer in eat for your blood type, (I’m O neg)I know I thrive on a higher protein diet. I started having real struggles by late day 4. That is when started looking into cashew milk, It gave a protein boost I needed to perk up. I also greatly enjoyed this persons trails and breakdown of the blood type diet

What I think has been key was consistency, balance and listening to my body. I lost 12lbs in 7 days. I then put a few back on (see fiber above)..With juicing 2-3 times a day and sticking to eating between 4-7pm mostly veggies and good protein choices (tofu, fish,chicken breast). I returned to that 12 lbs loss slowly. I have maintained it even when I feel off the juice wagon. I am overweight and could lose probably 80-100lbs. But I am more concerned with a lifestyle change, resetting my approach to food and preparing and eating. This will take months for it to become 2nd nature. If I lose weight I want it to be slowly and for good, not some drop a ton and the minute you return to your habits its back on just as quickly.

Ultimately I would like to keep juicing and keep increasing my activity levels as well. I love food and am starting a 2nd working with food. But again its the balance, some ideas Ive been trying is the 80/20 rule. Basically eat clean 80%of the time and cut yourself slack 20%.

I ate fried chicken and waffles yesterday…It was YUMMY…today feeling a little run down so am going to juice all day as I know with a wedding I am part of this weekend, I will likely not get enough rest and eat on the run. Juicing brings me more energy and i feel better. that really is my take on it. I am getting plenty of whole healthy nutrient rich food, but juicing a meal or occasionally doing a 36 hr juice fast work for me. Ultimately we have to find what works for each of us…It’s all about me



About queenofone

I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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