Baked salmon with a peanut-cilantro relish

make this very soon maybe with arctic char

So hungry I could blog

by Sarah Steimer

Baked salmon with a peanut-cilantro relish I was a little concerned about using a shallot in the relish. The original recipe called for using the greens from one large scallion, but it was the one ingredient I forgot at the grocery store. I used a finely minced shallot instead, and it actually worked beautifully. The trick was rinsing the shallot under cold water after cutting. I saw Rick Bayless use this method on television once to mellow the taste of raw onions in salsa, and I figured it could mellow a shallot for relish! It sure did. The relish really blew this dish away.

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I was in the food biz for over 20 years and still love food more than ever. I knit, create, write, mother, date, live and get angry. All I share here and hopefully with some kick ass pics to boot.
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